31 Tem 2018

MONA a brimstone butterfly

New project inspiration from nature.
A brimstone butterfly.

Little brief about butterfly (http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Gonepteryx_rhamni)
"Brimstones are common bright yellow butterflies and are often cited as the first butterflies of the year because adults hibernate over winter in woodlandsand emerge on warm spring days. However, new adults emerge from their chrysalis in July and live for a year. Males have sulphur-yellow fore and hindwings with an orange central spot, the females’ wings are a more delicate yellow or pale green. Despite their opened-wing brilliant colour they are masters of disguise when closed as their under-wing colour and shape provide camouflage for resting and hibernating adults. They can be easily seen in flight in meadows, sipping nectar from teasel, knapweed and buddleia. "

We found this butterfly on our garden (dead) at last year. 

And I started to think about this creature :)
At the last -draw-design-crochet- here is the Mona and crochet pattern. 

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