20 Oca 2018

She is a goldfish from the small fairy lake :) 

My five years old daughter has 4 gold fishes in an aquarium and she wishes to save all the gold fishes from fishbowls to keep them happy and healty. However she do not have that kind of power, so we created a character for her that can save the fishes. Does Lily and her story make little changes for better? Who knows!

If you want to crochet the Lily, pattern ready on my ETSY SHOP

6 Ara 2017

PUMPY the Pumpkin

The cutest pumpkin ever :) 

PUMPY the pumpkin pattern now available on my etsy shop.

En tatlı balkabağı PUMPY’nin ingilizce tarifi etys dükkanımda

7 Eki 2017

More Then A Baby Door Ornament

More then a Newborn baby door ornament.  All the elements are removable for the growing baby. 
And the coral reefs for the mom, it can be use for decoration.All the parts mounted on to wooden hoop with the fishing threat. 

Here is the some information about the patterns.

Mermaid - pattern by lalylala - on ETSY -

Octopus - pattern by me - on ETSY

Whale and Narwhal - pattern by Kelly Browning    - on ETSY

Seahorse - pattern by Mygurumi - on RAVELRY

jellyfish - patten by ChiWei -  BLOG 

Turtle - pattern byVibe  - BLOG

Coral reef crocheted freestye :)